[DOGSEESGOD – Post 3] Queer and Ally Casting

Why tell a Queer coming-of-age story with Queer and Ally actors? It came from a place a pride, solidarity, and support.


[DOGSEESGOD – Post 2] Day of Pink, and DOG SEES GOD

April 12 2017 marks International Day of Pink - a day to raise awareness of bullying, and solidarity for victims. How does DOG SEES GOD relate to International Day of Pink? In several ways, but the play's address to crucial social topics go beyond just bullying itself.

[DOGSEESGOD – Post 1] You Belong

"My first client of the morning was a tall lovely lady wearing a pretty purple scarf – a gift her friend made. When I pulled up her information, something wasn’t right: there was a man’s name on her account. She seemed really uncomfortable when she confirmed that it was her name. I felt really uncomfortable because I had the feeling it wasn’t her preferred name. I began to consider: maybe she’s trans..."